The Lodge Maribaya Lembang

The Lodge Maribaya Lembang – The Lodge Maribaya Lembang is one of the attractions of the newly created, actually from the year 2006 this location already opened, only intended for the private camping in 2016, the new location is open to the public as of now.

In general the theme this theme brings the sights of nature, which does indeed follow the conditions of the rolling hills of the verdant Valley area and located near the forest Kingdom IR. h. Juanda. with an altitude of 1400-2000 above sea level, this area is pretty cool also comes with a range of temperatures in 20 ‘ C.

The access to this place tends to be easy, it’s just the way young and yet all his sealed good. When the holiday season arrives or weekend this place is pretty full, making access to The Lodge Maribaya it became jammed, especially when many buses coming to this place.

The Lodge Maribaya Lembang

The Lodge Maribaya Lembang
In addition to the beauty of nature and the pace, there are some very nice photo spot at this place. among them: Hot Air Baloon, Gantole, Sky Bike, Sky Swing, Sky Tree, Bamboo Sky, Glamour Camping, etc.In the lodge maribaya an awful lot of stairs, because the contour of these sights are indeed the hills, so you have to prepare the energy to visit The Lodge Maribaya. The green expanse of the mountains can eliminate you from the fatigue of work, photo spot was very much in this place. you and your family will not be enough one hour to enjoy The Lodge Maribaya.

In addition to the family, this place is perfect for a gathering of employees, weddings, bridal showers and very much pre wedding photo session for them, because here the pun provides tents for rent, especially for the gathering employee.The Lodge Maribaya was indeed intended for tourist photos. not all rides can be used to play. In addition The Lodge Maribaya else provides a fairly complete culinary, so you don’t have to worry about famine there.

There are a range of facilities in The Lodge Maribaya. ranging from vast parking area, restrooms, and any small mosque.the price of admission to The Lodge Maribaya is Rp. 30,000 per person. and already get a voucher for a meal worth Rp. 10,000. If you want to visit there, bring a jacket, a lightweight shoe and anti slip. given the contours of this place. Have Fun..


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