Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung

Kawah Putih (White Crater) is one of the very famous tourist destinations on the island,  located in the Ciwidey, can be reached in 1 hour from Bandung city.

Good road access and the new toll makes this place never deserted visited by tourists. It’s just the way it is still small. On the way to this white Crater you will be treated with a very beautiful natural scenery. Tea Garden expanse and fairly cold weather makes you’ll really enjoy the new experience here towards this place.


This white craters formed from eruption of Mount Patuha that occur in the 10th century. the place is very scary, because once the birds that pass through this white Crater will die, and local people consider that place a lot of ghost. Over precisely in the year 1837, there was a Germany-born botanist found this place and do this white crater observation. Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn who first discovered this beautiful place. starting from a strong curiosity, Dr. Franz passes a jungle according to local communities is considered haunted. his final struggle and Dr. Franz pays off with his white Crater found is very beautiful and a very strong sulfur smell.

And in 1987 the Government began to restructure this place became tourist attractions. in this white crater you will be treated to the beautiful landscape in the form of the color of water in the crater are white, surrounded by eucalyptus trees add to the beauty of this place.

as a suggestion, you should bring a jacket and mask when want to visit here. When forget not the problem because there are vending jacket and mask rentals here.Thesesights have a spacious parking area, restrooms, restaurants, transport that will take you from the garage to the crater

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